City Life

moving in your inner Red Space


Cars, lights, buildings, sounds, people rushing around, slowing down and then rushing again.
Gratification, consumption, disappointment, pursuits penetrate the air.
People pulse through the streets of cities and inside of its buildings,
pumping desires and resources into the multiple functions of its very man-made environment.
We are drawn to cities because they offer us abundant opportunities for turning our ideas into reality.
The energy generated by the concentration of movement coursing through cities
is a metaphor for the energy coursing through your Red Space
where you feel the pulse of life and are able to move into action.

To access the energy of this space, focus on the functioning of your heart
and how it continually pumps blood throughout your body,
intentionally and effectively.
It knows exactly where and how to send its content and its messages.
Allow yourself to have the same intensity of purpose in your mind that your heart has in your body.
This intention enables you to direct your mental and physical energy effectively.

Desire is motivational.
Tapping into your desire to realize something in the world,
can bring you into the center of your Red Space,
giving you access to boundless energy.

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR

city life
Red Post 2 Adrenalin

When I lived in New York,
I would spend some of my weekends on Long Island at my parents’ house, in the forest, by the sea,
where it was completely silent and completely dark.
There, I rested.

Sunday evening, I would take the Long Island Railroad back into the city.
As the escalator took me up to 7th Avenue and 32nd Street from the train tracks of Penn Station,
adrenalin began to course through my body.

As I reached street level, colors and lights streaked by,
sounds circulated in an irregular, but persistent rhythm. I felt invigorated.
The repose of the weekend was over. I hailed a taxi, went home
and threw myself into my work the next day.


4 The Sleep of Reason 1

Bill Viola The Sleep of Reason
Grand Palais, Paris 2014

I walk into a well-lit room and sit down on the beige wall-to-wall carpeting.
In front of the central wall stands a wooden chest on which is a vase of artificial roses,
a lamp, a clock and a small monitor projecting the image of a sleeping woman.
The surrounding walls are white and empty. Just as I am getting used to this normal environment,
the room goes dark and the image of an attack dog jumps out at me
from three of the walls surrounding the chest.
A couple of seconds later it is gone, and the domestic calm is restored.
The woman continues her sleep, all seems fine and reasonable.
And then again, a violent darkness arrives, cutting through the seemingly suburban scene,
imposing an x-rayed image of a head whose mouth is opening as if to bite me.
And then again the well-lit room.
Fire roaring, threatening. Calm.
Wild pursuing movements through a dark forest. Calm.
Provoked animals. Calm. As I walk out of the room,
I feel the lurking darkness that lives below the surface of reason,
below the seeming order of daily life.

the target: performing solo

red - performing solo

The theater goes black.
I am alone, standing downstage right.
Dim light and fragments of sound emerge out of the darkness and silence,
and I start to move slowly.
In that first moment between the audience and me,
a target forms inside of me,
a target living between my imagination
and the imaginations of the spectators.

To inhabit it fully, I devote myself to it.
All unrelated feelings, thoughts, memories, doubts,
fear and pain are dispersed.
I shoot forward
into the depths of the performance,
traveling, together with the audience,
towards the center of something.



4 Red Body

A voice pulses with a raucous violin
and the angular, aggressive sound emanating from a roaring fire.
Their rhythms induce straight sharp lines of energy from me.
I feel like I am on the verge of losing control, of being consumed.
But I grasp hold of the rushing energy and focus it, give it form.
My energy is relentless, and feels inexhaustible.


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