The Power of Present Time

moving in your inner Green Space

terrestrial roots

1957, the satellite Sputnik is launched into the earth’s orbit.
In those early days of the Space Age, the political theorist Hannah Arendt wrote,
“The earth is the very quintessence of the human condition.”
Though profoundly aware of the significance for humanity of space exploration,
her words were meant to remind us of the fundamental reality
that our physical bodies are inextricably linked to the movements of life on Earth.
Real and metaphoric roots are continually growing inside of us and in the world around us.
Our future as a technological civilization is dependent on our ability
to enter into harmonious cooperation with all other life circulating on the Earth.

In your Green Space you are aware that the essence of life
is happening right now inside of your mind and body and in the surrounding environment.
The Green Space opens up an expanse inside of you
that contains the past and the future, and that is fully grounded in the present.
By entering this expanse, you know that
what is today could be different tomorrow
depending on what you do today.

To access the energy of the Green Space,
focus on the growth that is occurring inside of your body —
your hair is growing, your nails, your skin is continually renewing itself, cells are growing.
Awareness of this growth connects you to life, giving you the feeling that
you belong to where you are now, no matter where that is.

In the Green Space, you are rooted in this moment, where we are now, you and I,
which defies the passage of time and the confines of space,
this moment where we are now…


Hannah Arendt Center

between the cracksGreen Post 2 Growth

Late last summer, in the early evening,
I glanced down at the sidewalk. Bits of green were pushing through the cement –
tips of a vast realm of growth inhabiting the earth beneath the city,
innumerable persistent roots growing continually sideways, diagonally, deep downwards and upwards.
Our man-made architectures are no match for their perseverance.
The roots make their way through them and burst out of them into the air and light,
demonstrating the staggering power of nature.

THE IN-BETWEEN5 The Reflecting Pool 1

Bill Viola The Reflecting Pool
Grand Palais, Paris 2014

I enter a room that emanates green light.
A man approaches a pool in a lush forest and jumps up as if to enter the water.
At the height of his leap, the image freezes. I sit down and gaze at it.
The figure slowly disintegrates and blends in with the surrounding greenness.
Other figures and abstract images gradually float into and through the image
like corporeal thoughts.
The leaping man and I inhabit the fertile world that exists
in the space between the passing moments,
in the in-between of time.
He is here with us now, as you read these words, as I write these words,
in a moment that is outside of a clock or a map.


over the weekend
Green Post 3 RelativitySaturday morning.
I wake up early and begin to work.
I revel in the luxuriousness of the feeling of the weekend.
Two open days are spread before me without the pressures of the week.
I can feel, through the sounds and energy coming from outside of my apartment,
the slowed down rhythm of the city.

Somewhere in the back of my mind,
Monday menaces with its speed, obligations, worries…
I push its threat away from me, and settle comfortably into my work.

My thoughts, as I write, are spacious.
The intervals between the passing seconds are wide
offering me ample room to wander and unearth things.
Time is in my hands.
Something opens itself to me.


5 Green Body

…crickets chirp in rhythm…
…a voice weaves through them, speaking and singing…
…melodies move in and out from various instruments…
…all somehow planted in the air…
Roots extending from my skin
dance with invisible roots laced through the air.
I feel no border between the space around my body and inside of my body.
Pulling me is a magnetic field containing pockets of intensity
that are constantly shifting.
My movements and thoughts defy linearity,
weaving in and out of each other.
Thoughts become extensions of my leg,
gestures movements of my imagination.


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