Peace After the Storm

moving in your inner Blue Space

You are standing on the beach, a calm sea spread out before you, the sky a soft blue.
Memories of the roaring sounds of the storm during the night
and your imagination of the thrashing of the waves are present in your mind
as you look outwards towards the distant line of the horizon.
You breathe deeply, aware that the extremities of the tempest enabled
the lovely little ripples moving in front of you on the surface of the water,
offering you peace after the storm.

Real and metaphoric storms happen continually in our lives.
To be able to move past the turmoil they evoke and reach an inner balance,
somewhere deep inside of us, in what we can call our Blue Space,
we process our storms and learn from the experiences.
In this space, you inhabit an internal realm that cannot be perturbed by anything
coming from outside of you. Here you are deeply connected to
the essence of your unique self.

To access the energy of the Blue Space,
think back on your life beginning from a very early age.
Travel through your experiences and identify important moments
that have shaped your person —
in your childhood, your education, your personal and professional life…
Feel how the sequence of these experiences forms a winding path
from your birth through to the present and towards the future.
The awareness that has grown in you through this winding path of experiences
can anchor you and generate a feeling of calm.

“…we can get to the pointwhere some disturbance may occurbut the negative effects on our mind remain on the surface,like the waves that ripple on the surface of an oceanbut don’t have much effectdeep down.”DALAI LAMA

a bus ride along the Seine
Blue Post 2 - Bus RideThe 72 bus runs from
the bottom of Paris 16 to Hôtel de Ville.
The Seine graces its route.
As I ride it, on the way to somewhere in the center of town,
the long arm of the river offers tranquility.
Bridges arch gracefully over it,
providing an architecture for its continual flow.
Statues extend fearlessly towards it,
suspended over its current.
The ripples of the water glisten in the sun
and reflect fragments of the host of majestic buildings
that line its banks.
These fragments float into my mind
and converse with fragments from my life,
bringing us together in something.

2 A Portrait in Light and Heat 1

Bill Viola A Portrait in Light and Heat
Grand Palais, Paris 2014

Gently flickering blue lights float towards me as I move into a dark room
with a bench placed at a comfortable distance from a screen suspended on the wall.
As I sit down, I shift into a place where time, space and perception undulate seamlessly.

A slowly moving image of a desert, whose light and heat
create suggestions of hallucinatory images – mirages –
give me a layered perception of reality.
The images enter into a slow-motion dialogue with my life.
Disparate memories and the undulating lights in front of me
meet in an abstract sea of peace.


an early morning swim
Blue Post 3 - Freedom

It was very early.
The light of the sun was just beginning to seep over the horizon.
I was the only one awake. I gently closed the front door
and walked down to the beach.

The emerging light was beginning
to bring out the blueness of the sea and the sky.
I took off my clothes, slipped into the cool water,
and began to swim slowly out towards the rising sun.

The expanse of the sea spread out before me.
I was alone, naked and free.


2 Blue Body

An open space.
The sound of water gently flowing and rippling.
I dance continuously, conversing with a mellifluous flute melody.
No edges, only fluidity, like blood.
The air provides a subtle resistance, as if I am moving through water.
Memories float,
forming an internal landscape through which I dance.
I feel like I am both swimming and flying.
I feel vibrantly peaceful.


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