The Iris Map

navigate the energies & rhythms of the imagination

the imagination is the richest resource left on earth

To navigate the resource of the imagination, we need a map of some kind, a means of sensing the lay of the land.
The ‘land’ of the imagination is comprised of energy spaces that enable us to imagine in different ways.
The Iris Map identifies 7 principle energy spaces in the imagination.
It uses the colors black  blue  pink  red  green  purple  gold  to symbolize them.
The colors provide sensorial and mnemonic means of navigating and becoming more agile
in the physical & mental movements opened up by these energy spaces.

dance in the energy spaces of the imagination: IRIS Stories

Our imagination can illuminate what is in the shadows,
nourish our inner world and guide us
towards new realities.


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visual études of the landscape of the imagination



The Iris Map is like a laser
it has a power of simplification that allows one to grasp, in a fast and simple way,
things that are quite complex.’

Hubert Testard
worked for the French Ministry of Finance
professor SciencePo Paris
author of Pandémie, le basculement du monde

The Iris Map has psychological merit
because it goes right to the core of primal human needs, wishes, dreams and capacities
and it offers a method of channeling them for heightened effectiveness.
It takes raw energies and turns them into refined products or results.
If we can accomplish this we are able to exist at a higher, happier level and therefore
achieve greater success in our professional and personal life.

Carrie Barron
MD, psychiatrist/psychoanalyst, co-author of
The Creativity Cure

‘The method evokes states of being in all forms — from the most physical to the most spiritual,
a full range of connections between the body and the mind.
The imagination is dynamic, it is not static.
The Iris Map reveals the imagination as a moving force.

Anne Garrigue
French translator of The Iris Map Book

‘The colors give you direct access to a certain energetic level just through their symbolism.
Something that is ineffable is given expression and so is made available.
I find that extremely powerful.’

Beatrix Delic
Intuitive Coach & Consultant

‘Paying attention to how inner spaces feel is like watercoloring your world.
And once you start to walk through the architecture of your mind,
it changes the way you experience things.’

Blakeney Bullock
Choreographer, dancer

‘We have different dimensions inside of us that form a whole, but we don’t normally focus on specific ones.
The Iris Map offers a means of exploring these dimensions as if through many magnifying glasses.’

Pascale Corbi
works with companies to clarify complex situations


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