The Iris Map is a cartography designed to help you mine the resources living in the vast territory of your imagination.
It maps out 7 principle spaces, each of which is distinguished by a color to facilitate navigation.
Learning the full spectrum of the map enables you to
expand your imaginative capacity and create mind shifts
to best respond to diverse situations in your life and work.


The colors can be your companions as you face the blank canvas
of whatever you are setting out to create.
Inhabiting them can enable unexpected, novel ideas
to come into being.

a cartography for navigating
the imagination

a personal guide
for entering the colored spaces
of The Iris Map

The Iris Map has psychological merit
because it goes right to the core of primal human needs, wishes, dreams and capacities
and it offers a method of channeling them for heightened effectiveness.
It takes raw energies and turns them into refined products or results.
If we can accomplish this we are able to exist at a higher, happier level and therefore
achieve greater success in our professional and personal life.

Carrie Barron
MD, psychiatrist/psychoanalyst, co-author of
The Creativity Cure

‘The map evokes states of being in all forms — from the most physical to the most spiritual,
a full range of connections between the body and the mind.
The imagination is dynamic, it is not static.
The Iris Map reveals the imagination as a moving force.

Anne Garrigue
French translator of The Iris Map Book & Guide

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the landscape of the imagination
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