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A couple of years ago, I entered a dark intimate room filled with a plethora of small lights that undulated from one color
to the next and reproduced themselves innumerably in the mirrors that lined the walls, producing the sensation of infinite space.
As I stood inside of this installation of Yayoi Kusama at the Pompidou Center, I felt close to something
for which I have a continual desire in my life – an ineffable dimension of reality that cannot be clearly defined or held,
but that satisfies our innately human desire for meaning and transcendence.
The feeling I had as a viewer of Kusama’s exhibition inspired me to continue my pursuit of that ineffable dimension of life.
In the performance Mirage, I aspire to offer to my audiences an experience of that something in a theatrical context.


Collage of Mirage Strip 3

The solo Mirage conveys, through dancing, music and film, fragmented reflections about the darkness of our age,
and the search for beauty to combat that darkness. The reflections draw from the personal and professional experiences
of Ann Papoulis Adamovic in New York, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Paris and elsewhere.
They are conveyed through movements, images, feelings and thoughts that evoke a poetic dimension,
and then slip away, like a mirage.

During the performance, the dancing and the film engage in an intricate dialogue.
The filmed segments include documentary sequences of the choreographer, as well as scenes created specifically for the camera –
danced sections and spoken monologues. The texts spoken in the film will be presented visually through word dances
that give the audience an experience of the words as visual objects moving rhythmically through the space.
When the performance is presented in a non-English speaking country, these words will be translated and presented
in the language of the country, thus providing both the literal translation of the text, and a visual experience of them.

 Your contribution will be a deeply valued support for the realization of the ideas of Ann Papoulis Adamovic.

The premiere of Mirage will take place at the Culturgest Theater in Lisbon, Portugal on the 14th and 15th of November 2014.
A tour is envisioned starting in 2015 in Europe and in the United States.

Click here to view video excerpts.

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The performance is approaching the final stages of production.
The money asked for will be used for the purposes of this finalization. It will involve the purchase of a software program
for creating the ‘word dances’ that are an integral part of the scenes in the performance where there are monologues,
as well as for the purchase of the materials for the costume and stage design.
It will also be used to contribute to the expenses for the final rehearsals and the completion of the filmed material.

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 LINE 10 € and +  Thank you note from the artistic director
ANGLE 25 € and +  Thank you note from the artistic director; Facebook thank you
TRIANGLE  60 € and +  Thank you note from the artistic director; Facebook thank you;
CD of the music from the performance
SQUARE 100 € and +  Thank you note from the artistic director; Facebook thank you;
2 CDs of the music from the performance
RECTANGLE 160 € and +  Thank you note from the artistic director; Facebook thank you;
2 CDs of the music from the performance; Iris Company membership for those who are interested
PENTAGON  250 € and +  Previous offers; an invitation to an open rehearsal in Paris in November &
a meeting with the artist
HEXAGON 500 € and +  Previous offers; signed copy of a small book about the performance, limited edition
HEPATAGON 1000 € and +  Previous offers; 2 tickets to premiere (in Lisbon) and meeting with the artist
OCTAGON 3000 € and +  Previous offers; thank you on LinkedIn;
one signed photograph of your choice from a series of photographs of the choreographer
CIRCLE 4000 € and +  Previous offers; speech ‘The Iris Map’ by Ann Papoulis Adamovic;
for information about this speech, click here

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