Ann Papoulis’ solos have been performed in
festivals and theaters throughout Europe and in New York including at
the Impuls Tanz Festival in Vienna, the Springdance Festival in Utrecht,
the Serious Fun Festival at Lincoln Center in New York,
the Gulbenkian Foundation & the Culturgest Theater in Lisbon,
the Holland Festival in The Hague

floating in imagination

a physical installation in progress

we all know that something isn’t right.
a kind of darkness seems to be descending,
threatening to envelop us…
the world seems to be hurtling full speed ahead,
but we can’t seem to get a grip on where we’re going,
nor can we understand the many forces involved in the strangeness
that has become life on earth…

But underneath this strangeness, something new is beginning to emerge,
something…a desire to evolve rather than to destroy…
a desire for meaning, for transcendence…

on performing solo