Individual Training

Gold Diamond

‘Mastering others is strength,
mastering yourself is true power.’

Irising, individual training in The Iris Map,
enables you to unveil the rich resources of your imagination.
It uses artistic techniques to meet your business needs.
The process is customized.
Gold DiamondBefore the first session,
you are requested to complete a personality gauge, which helps you
assess your strengths and weaknesses
using the seven colored spaces of The Iris Map as a framework.
For more information about this gauge: Irisometer
Gold Diamond
During the first session,
we discuss your responses to the gauge.
We define your objectives and
create a picture of what you would like to achieve through the irising process,
both in terms of your development as a leader,
and the developments you would like to see in your company.
Gold DiamondIn the following sessions,
The Iris Map is used to meet your goals.
This includes learning how to enter the colored spaces of your imagination
through mind and body exercises, through works of art,
and through ideas from diverse thinkers and leaders.

The process is designed to
reinforce your strengths, and transform your weaknesses.
Gold DiamondIn the concluding session, we discuss how you can
keep the knowledge alive in your daily professional life.
A guide is provided that offers an overview of the spaces;
room for you to note reflections about the colors;
and mind, body and practical exercises.
Gold DiamondFollow-up sessions are arranged according to your needs.