IRIS Management

a managerial innovation to

synchronize & evolve Talent and Mission

by opening up the full spectrum of the
individual & collective imagination
using the 7 Spaces of Perception of The Iris Map


co-created with you


experience the energy spaces of the imagination,
how they can enable you to live your full potential,
breathe energy into your company’s ecosystems
and generate novel solutions

Team Evolution Project
Open Innovation Aeronautics Group SAFRAN

“IRIS Management entered into a Team Evolution Project
with my team for Open Innovation at Safran for a period of one year.
By activating the motors of the imagination,
this project enabled us to transform from a group of individuals operating in an extended network
into a united team with shared values and a common mission.
Using the architecture of the 7 Colored Spaces,
we were able to define the complementarity of the skills and knowledge of individual team members
and mix them together to create new value propositions,
 like the pigments on a canvas of Van Gogh.
Separately we are only a pigment, together we can create a work of art.
This led the team to be able to function harmoniously,
and to benefit from the particular strengths of all of its members.
It also reinforced among the team the feeling of
participating and contributing to something larger.
In addition to using the method to clarify our tools, processes, objectives and strategy,
we used it to understand Safran’s expectations of our team, and
we established, color by color, our own value proposition for the Group.
The global situation in 2021 demonstrates the need for an approach such as IRIS Management,
as it enables teams to rejuvenate their desire to innovate
in order to move themselves and their company into the future.”
Laurent Deleville
Team Director