Individual Training

Gold Diamond

‘Being able to master others is strength,
mastering yourself is true power.’

The imagination has become a vital resource
for doing business and for the evolution of the human being in our complex world.

For thousands of years, artists have been exploiting this resource
that has the capacity to bring light to what is in the shadows
and lead us to novel ideas and new realities.

The Iris Map  uses knowledge from the art world to activate and develop the imagination,
in order to enhance business practices and improve performance.

Individual training
involves learning how to explore and navigate the colored spaces of your imagination
through mind and body exercises, works of art, and through ideas
from diverse thinkers and leaders.

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The Iris Map is like a laser…
it has a power of simplification that allows one to grasp, in a fast and simple way,
things that are quite complex.’

Hubert Testard
worked for the French Ministry of Finance

Exploring and learning the colored spaces of The Iris Map
enabled me to access registers of reflection and imagination that I didn’t know I had.
I discovered new and strengthened existing resources in myself which I then applied very concretely to my work.
The richness of Ann’s background and experience encourages an opening of the mind
which provides us with a holistic understanding of ourselves and of our imagination.’

Christine Cayré
Founder affaires d’optimisme

‘The colors give you direct access to a certain energetic level just through their symbolism.
Something that is ineffable is given expression and so is made available.
I find that extremely powerful.’

Beatrix Delic
Intuitive Coach & Consultant

‘Paying attention to how inner spaces feel is like watercoloring your world.
And once you start to walk through the architecture of your mind,
it changes the way you experience things.’

Blakeney Bullock
Choreographer, dancer

‘We have different dimensions inside of us that form a whole, but we don’t normally focus on specific ones.
The Iris Map offers a means of exploring these dimensions as if through many magnifying glasses.’

Pascale Corbi
works with companies to clarify complex situations