At the still point of the turning world,
neither flesh nor fleshless; neither from nor towards…
At the still point, there the dance is…
where past and future are gathered…
there is only the dance.


Black Body

A dark atmospheric music starts which seeps through me towards my bones. The space around me feels simultaneously big and small. I throw my body into it. Then something behind me pulls me backwards.
I hesitate, suspended, then…
28 July 2014

Blue Body

The sound of water gently flowing and rippling envelops me and regulates my breathing and my movements. An expanse of space extends from my body. I dance continuously through this expanse, conversing with a mellifluous flute melody…
28 July 2014

Pink Body

A female voice sings lightly accompanied by the airy sounds of a vibraphone. I feel as if bubbles are rising through my body sending spirited impulses through me that move me in various directions…
28 July 2014

Red Body

A voice pulses with a raucous violin and the angular, aggressive sound emanating from a roaring fire. Straight sharp lines of energy shoot out of me, intermingling with these rhythms…
28 July 2014

Green Body

…crickets chirp in rhythm…a voice weaves through them, speaking and singing…melodies move in and out from various instruments…all somehow planted in the air…I dance continually, pulled outwards.
Roots extend from my skin…
28 July 2014

Purple Body

An angelic whisper floats downwards towards the deep tone of a clarinet
that extends upwards to meet it. I vibrate in the acute verticality they create.
I envision columns of purple light shimmering around me,
suggesting a transcendent architecture…
28 July 2014

Gold Body

A voice speaks and sings on a bed of undulating sound that resonates and penetrates my body, gracing me with a feeling of power and majesty. I feel huge. The movements I make seem to extend far into the space around me, which feels four dimensional…
28 July 2014