The method The Iris Map has psychological merit
because it goes right to the core of primal human needs, wishes, dreams
and capacities, and it offers a method of channeling them for heightened effectiveness.
It takes raw energies and turns them into refined products or results.
If we can accomplish this we are able to exist at a higher,
happier level, and therefore achieve greater success
in our professional and personal life. The written materials,
which supplement the learning of the method,
are accessible, engaging, aesthetic and useful.
The personality gauge, the Irisometer,
is clear, spare, helpful and empathic. As a speaker, teacher and coach,
Ann Papoulis is charismatic and straightforward.
She has a gift for perceiving people’s strengths and weaknesses,
which enables her to transmit the method effectively
and allows participants to advance
in their personal development.

Carrie Barron
MD, psychiatrist/psychoanalyst
Co-author of
The Creativity Cure


The Iris Map appeals
to all of our senses and to the full intelligence
of our minds and bodies.
Exploring and learning the colored spaces of The Iris Map
enabled me to access registers of reflection and imagination that I didn’t know I had.
I discovered new, and strengthened existing resources in myself
which I then applied very concretely to my work. The richness of Ann’s background and experience
encourages an opening of the mind
which provides us with a holistic understanding
of ourselves and of our imagination.
It is an experience in full color.

Christine Cayré
affaires d’optimisme


The Iris Map training program was a great experience for me.
It allowed me to understand my states of mind,
and how they affect the way I achieve tasks,
in addition to helping me discover new ways of working
I learned how to adapt my state of mind in order to be more efficient
in performing personal, professional or group tasks.
While it requires a lot of personal effort to be able to achieve this shift,
the associations with real life situations
and metaphors that were given in the training
made it simple, and quite enjoyable.
I recommend this method for anyone who sometimes finds themselves
too stressed or too relaxed to achieve specific tasks.

Rasha Nasha
HP Market Program Manager


I discovered The Iris Map during an MBA training seminar.
The tools allowed me to understand my personality
through colors, images and ideas.
We entered the training very easily, as it is quite interactive,
and it leaves much room for play and the discovery of oneself and the other participants.
Even the most introverted
took pleasure in self-expression during the seminar.

Thierry Silvagni
CEO Greenethe

The Iris Map is a powerful tool that allows managers
to learn the essence of their internal and external landscapes
in order to know their boundaries and act accordingly.
Each colored space has a specific characteristic, and they can be combined.
In my case, I identified myself most strongly in the blue and the black space.
In blue, I understand myself deeply,
which enables me to see other people clearly,
and, hence, enables me to identify appropriate modes of functioning,
in order to approach my workmates in an optimal way.
In black, I am able and better prepared to assimilate the new
in order to drive myself, as a person and coworker, in a specific direction.
The Iris Map can complement other existing tools such as MBTI or FFM.

Enric Chillaron
HP Product and Solutions Marketing Manager