The Iris Map

A method that uses colors to expand the imagination and creativity
for enhanced business performance



The colored spaces of The Iris Map
offer you a means of exploring and expanding
your imagination to enhance your business performance
and the quality of your daily life.


The method provides you with tools
that enable you to navigate through your imagination,
and change your state of mind and body to best meet
the demands of specific situations.


As you learn the method,
you will come to understand how areas of your imagination
connect to aspects of knowledge across disciplines,
to works of art, and to the ideas of
diverse thinkers and leaders.

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Ann-Papoulis-Adamovic-BusinessFor over 25 years,
Ann Papoulis has been helping people
in the performing arts and in business
to realize their full potential.
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Speeches, seminars and coaching given,
notably at Air Liquide, HEC Paris,
the American Chamber of Commerce in Lyon,
the IEDC Business School in Slovenia,
and the Grenoble École de Management.
She gave a TEDxAlsace talk in July, she
gave a TEDxSaclay talk in Paris in November of 2015,
and she has been a speaker at Tribe to be Inspired.
In the summer of 2015, she published an article about
the power of the imagination for 21st century life and work,
in Influencia, a Parisian magazine of
communication and trends.


‘What matters in the new economy is not return on investment,
but return on imagination.’


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© Ann Papoulis