7 createcreate7 inside goldinside gold7 gold selfgold self7 gold sanctuarygold sanctuary 7 PASSAGE gold passagegold passage7 gold forestgold forest7a gold handsgold hands7 gold conversationgold conversation7 circles croppedcircles7 createrisk7 visionvision7 friends in goldnessfriends in goldness7 gold watergold water
7 gold angelgold angel7 gold aperturegold aperture7 powerpower7 the music of the spheresmusic of the spheres7 gold landscapegold landscape7 Gold Spacegold space7 Gold Flower7 Gold Walkgold flower & gold walk7 Gold Horizongold horizon7 Lionlion7 alchemyalchemy


1 Black - Icon for drawings2 Blue - Icon for drawings3 Pink - Icon for drawings4 Red - Icon for drawings5 Green - Icon for drawings6 Purple - Icon for drawings