Rimbaud Wall - Ann Papoulis Adamovic

I experimented with the system of colors developed by Ann Papoulis Adamovic
in a workshop, as part of my choreographic training in Toulouse.

Different dimensions of each colored space are learned:
an animal, a center of movement, a timbre of the voice, a type of eye contact and body intention.
The participants also develop their own associations.
This complex of images enables one to enter very quickly
into a precise physical and emotional state.
I find the system very useful, particularly for the states that are the least natural for me.
The classification allows me in my work
to be able to identify the best color that corresponds to a given choreography,
and, from the knowledge I have of the color,
to give the interpretation of the movement
that is required, or that I desire to explore.

The system also functions outside of the frame of dancing,
for example in human relations.
It can help in the understanding of other people;
By identifying the color of the moment,
I feel I can tune in more clearly to other people,
and thus refine my interactions.

Workshop Participant at the
Centre de Développement Chorégraphique de Toulouse

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