Ann Papoulis Adamovic1 Red Hand

Director of IRIS Company,
Ann Papoulis is trained as a
dancer, actor, musician and visual artist; she holds a BA in history
from Bryn Mawr College, an MBA from the Grenoble
École de Management, and studied Oral History at
Columbia University.

As a director and performer, her work has been shown
at festivals and theaters throughout Europe and in New York.
She has been the rehearsal assistant for Jean-Claude Gallotta
for a number of his works since 1995;
and for Plan K, the company of Frédéric Flamand.

She began teaching at the Merce Cunningham Studio
in New York at the age of 23.
She has taught his technique and workshops
to companies and schools throughout Europe
and in the US, including at New York University
and the North Carolina School of the Arts.

She uses her method, The Iris Map, in the business world,
giving speeches and seminars that focus on
the development of the imagination and creativity.
Notable venues have been HEC in Paris,
the American Chamber of Commerce
in Lyon, the Grenoble École de Management
and the IEDC Business School in Slovenia.
She gave a TEDxAlsace talk in July, and
a TEDxSaclay talk in November 2015.

Her research is ongoing about how the imagination
can enhance our personal and professional performance.
She recently published an article in the Parisian magazine
Influencia that talks about the power of the imagination
for contending with life in the 21st century.
She is completing a book
The Iris Map: a method for activating the imagination.
She is also working on a book entitled Merce’s Meaning
which explores the aesthetic of Merce Cunningham
and the reverberations his art have
on our perception of meaning.

She lives and works in Paris.